Romagna Albana Passito D.O.C.G.


Production year: 2018
2900 bottles of 0,50 lt.

Always fruit of our medium-dough soil rich in calcareous inclusions, this wine is the product of a limited number of plants that for their posture and characteristics allow the best over-ripening of the bunches, in association with the presence of Botrytis Cinerea that originates the commonly called Nobile Rot.

Selective manual collection in small houses of 2 and 5 kg.

Soft whole bunch pressing with a yield that does not exceed 45%. static 24-hour cold and decanting. Fermentation stop with lowering of temperature, sulphitation and decanting.

Duration of steel refining: minimum 10 months

Alcohol content: 13%

Golden yellow colour with citrus fruit and acacia honey notes, gently delicate flavour with pleasant fresh notes.