The "Fratta Minore" Winery

The winery, placed in the middle of the vineyard, has been designed and then built with particular attention for energy efficiency and environmental respect. It is completely insulated, and part of the energy consumption is satisfied by the solar panels; the heating system is composed by a wood/pruning/pellet burning boiler. It has three floors.

Underground floor

Few meters under the ground level, it hosts the refinement of the Classic Method DAMA BIANCA and the oak barrels for Sangiovese Riserva. The natural insulation given by the surrounding soil provides the suitable temperature and humidity level, without any need for artificial cooling.

Ground floor

This is the actual working floor. The grapes arrive on the forecourt few hours after the manual harvest and every process takes place in a functional environment, hygienically controlled, and it is assisted by an automatic system to control the temperature. Moreover, our bottling line is present on this floor.

First floor

This is the floor devoted to hospitality, the tasting room is equipped with an underfloor heating system and it allows to welcome the wine enthusiasts in a comfortable environment. The portioning room and the wine shop are also present here.