Pignoletto Metodo Tradizionale Sui Lieviti D.O.C.


Production year: 2021
4000 bottles

About 95% of Pignoletto grapes from guyot - trained vineyards planted in 2011.
About 5% of Incrocio Manzoni grapes from guyot - trained vineyards planted in 2011.

Early by hand harvest into 25 and 30 Kg crates.
Grape harvest indicators: PH, acidity and sugar content.

This bottle is produced following the Traditional method.
In each bottle bubbles are created by the re-fermentation of residual sugar thanks to the yeasts left on the bottom of the bottle itself.
The yeasts on the bottom protect and enrich this Pignoletto, granting its evolution over time.

Alcohol content: 11,5%

Intense and fragrant on the nose, this wine has clear scents of yeasts and citrus fruits, it’s dry on the palate, with gentle and elegant perlage.
Serving temperature: To enjoy it at its best we suggest to slowly put the closed bottle upside down before serving, wait for a few seconds and then put it back in vertical position, serving temperature of 4°\10°.
Now uncork and enjoy!!