DAMA BIANCA Metodo Classico Extra Dry

Quality Sparkling Wine

Production year: 2021
6000 bottles

About 85% of Pignoletto grapes from Guyot-trained vineyards planted in 2011
About 15% of Incrocio Manzoni grapes from Guyot-trained vineyards planted in 2011

Early by hand harvest (mid August) into 25 and 30 Kg crates.
Grape harvest indicators: PH, acidity and sugar content.

De-stemming without crushing. Soft crushing and addition of selected yeasts. About 30 days of fermentation at a steady low temperature. Racking off after fermentation. Ageing in steel vats performing “battonage” (yeast lees stirring) until March. Preparation of the selected yeasts according to the French protocol of Christophe Gerland from Reims. Bottling for “prise the mousse” (second fermentation) using a manual filling machine. Tirage for about two months. Average pressure at the end of tirage: 6.5 bars.

Ageing period in the bottle for the first disgorging: minimum 10 months

Ageing in the bottle before the release on the market: 1 month

The organoleptical characteristics are those of a local wine made with Metodo Classico.
A short, careful ageing on the yeasts is carried out to preserve freshness.
Remarkable acidity results from a low Ph that allows the sugar residue of this extra-dry wine to ensure smoothness rather than sweetness.
Excellent tirage leads to fine perlage. Bubbles are long-lasting at low temperatures too.
Alcohol content: 12,5%

Ideal with starters, pasta dishes and at any occasion deserving a "non commercial" toast. Enjoy sipping it in pleasant company!