Pinot Nero Non Filtrato I.G.T. Rubicone


Production year: 2020
3000 bottles

Pinot Nero grapes form guyot - trained vineyards planted in 2016

Early by hand harvest into 25 and 30 Kg crates.
Grape harvest indicators: PH, acidity and sugar content.

This wine is the product of the typical red wine vinification on the peels of Pinot Nero grapes, made at controlled temperature. The racking occurs at the end of fermentation, which gets completed without the peels.
Ageing on fine lees in steel tanks, pouring and bottling.

Alcohol content: 12%

Delicate on the nose with floral scent of rose, dry on the palate with balanced acidity which lengthen persistence.
To drink also chilled, one glass after the other!